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Travelling by Train
Road to railway station

It is very easy to get to railway stations. The exit from the subway station "Vokzalnaya" will lead you to Privokzalnaya Square: to the Suburban and Central railway stations. To get to the Southern station, use the moving staircase to get to the 1st floor of the central Station building and walk straight to the end of the gallery.


The information boards at the stations announce the time of arrival and departure of trains, the route, the platform and train numbers. At each platform there is also a tableau displaying information about the train, which shortly arrives at this line. An announcer informs you about the arrival and departure of trains in Ukrainian, Russian and English. If you have arrived beforehand, better leave your luggage in the cloakroom. Do not be scared by announcements about change of shifts or lunch breaks: you will get your things when you come for them. At your services are a post office, public telephones, the Internet, snack bar, cafe and restaurant and several waiting rooms. In the small shops selling press and souvenirs you can buy a fresh newspaper, a detective story or some trifles.

In the Southern Station building a small hotel with very reasonable prices awaits travelers. To check-in you will need your passport and train ticket. Children up to 10 get a 50% discount. There is a taxi stop in front of the train station. Prices, named by cabbies are aimed at those who are new to the city, and have nothing in common with the real tariffs.


To buy a ticket you will need your passport. Traveling by train is much cheaper than by air, so railway tickets are in a high demand. In summer during the vocation season, it is some times practically impossible to buy them. You can buy a ticket 45 days before the departure date. Tickets are available not only at the stations. The advance ticket sale desks are located at 38/40, T.Shevchenko Blvd. You can book tickets by calling #0-50, you will be charged a small fee to cover delivery costs.

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