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The Ukrainian national currency is Hryvnia (UAH). You can exchange currency for Hryvnias at a number of exchange offices throughout the city. It is preferable to bring either US dollars or European euros with you. Approximate exchange ranges are the following: 1 USD = 5 UAH, 1 EUR = 6 UAH.
Beware of changing money on the streets or with private individuals. It is illegal, and it can be dangerous.

Personal checks practically do not exist in Ukraine, but many places in Kyiv accept major credit cards. Travellers' cheques can be cashed in a number of banks. However, do not rely solely on credit cards or travellers' checks. Cash is preferred.

ATM Machines in Kyiv
Every large hotel in Kyiv has an ATM machine which offers Hryvnias. ATM machines are also located at most department stores and restaurants. Many are found on the outside of buildings near major streets. In order to withdraw money from ATMs you should know your personal identification number (PIN), which must contain numbers only, as Ukrainian keypads have no letters. You will pay a fee for using ATMs but this fee is considerably lower than that for traveler's checks. You are also able to obtain dollars through your VISA or Master checking or credit card at several bank locations. Many hotels house banks which can exchange money from your card. You must show them your passport along with your card and tell them the amount of money you need in either Dollars or Hryvnias. The usual charge for this service is about 2%.

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