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Visa information
To enter Ukraine, a visa is needed for many non-Ukrainian citizens except CIS citizens or citizens of the countries which have special agreements with Ukraine. The best way to obtain a visa is through the Ukrainian consulate or embassy in your country prior to departure. In case of any questions contact the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Ukraine, Visa's Department (tel: 238-1772, website:

Usually, to obtain business visa, the applicant must submit to the Ukrainian Consulate of the country where visa is to be obtained the following documents:
  1. A valid passport
  2. An application form
  3. One recent passport-size photograph
  4. Visa support invitation letter from a legal entity duly registered in Ukraine, typed on its letterhead containing its official address and telephone number, signed by an authorized officer (other than the applicant) of the entity, bearing its seal and accompanied, when applicable, by a clear copy of its valid Certificate of Registration in Ukraine. The invitation must detail the purpose and, if necessary, the number of visits, exact travel dates, places to be visited and provide basic passport data of the invitee.

Information required for visa support invitation letter:

  1. Applicant details: full name (as in passport), sex, citizenship, date and place of birth, residential address, duration of visa required
  2. Passport details: number, date and place of issue, date of expiry
  3. Company details: address, phone number
  4. Passport copy (scanned)
  5. Hotel confirmation

Please be aware of starting working on preparing all visa documents beforehand. It takes about 3 weeks to register the visa support invitation letter in Ukraine, and it takes up to 2 weeks to obtain visa in the Ukrainian Consulate of the corresponding country.

List of countries which have visa-free movement regime with Ukraine (dated July 2004)

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